Artist basket as a gift for children

If you have a pint-sized Picasso living in your home Kids who love to create art will be thrilled to receive an artist gift basket. It’s a unique gift children can use as an outlet for creative expression. Artist gift baskets are easy to compile, and it’s a lot of fun to hunt down art materials to place inside the basket. You can find large baskets in just about any discount store. You can use a storage box or laundry basket. To make your gift look even snazzier, try to find a large wicker basket. You’ll also need cellophane wrap and a festive bow.

Begin the hunt for art supplies at discount stores or arts and crafts stores. There are countless items you can buy to stuff inside the gift basket. For example, most kids love washable markers and crayons. You can add a packet of colored pencils or gel pens as well. Try to include a set of watercolors in case your child likes to paint. Other useful items to add are some child-safety scissors, a pack of construction paper, a thick drawing pad, paint brushes, glue, and a children’s book about how to draw. If you live near a local art school that provides classes for kids, you can purchase a gift certificate for an art workshop and place it in the basket along with the other items.

Giving your kids an artist gift basket is the perfect way to encourage creativity. The art materials tucked inside the basket are an ideal way to keep your child busy on a rainy Saturday. They’re also useful during those long summer days when you want to get the kids away from TV or video games. The beauty of this gift idea is that you can spend as little or as much as you like on the gift. If you’re short on cash, you can still give your child an artist gift basket. Go to a dollar store, and you’ll find inexpensive art supplies that cost no more than a dollar. If you want to encourage your child’s interest in art, surprise him with an artist gift basket. Who knows? One day he might become a famous artist…and all because of the special gift you gave him when he was just a child.

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