Back to School Gift Baskets for Children

Create a back to school gift basket for a child and get them excited about learning. Both parents and children will love the unique gift of an overflowing backpack, tote, or shoulder bag full of school supplies, snacks, fun accessories, and cute clothes. This is a unique gift children of all ages will love, from kindergarteners to college students.

To create a truly unique gift basket for children, look beyond a traditional wicker basket as a container. Consider a new backpack as the carrier of goodies, especially if the child has a favorite character or color. For older children, a shoulder book bag or gym bag may be more appropriate. Try a cute plastic container that can later double as a shelf, homework holder, or supply box. For smaller unique gift baskets for children, a pencil box works well as a container for other handy items.

Decide on the contents of the back to school gift basket, starting with basic school supplies the student might need. Basic school supplies include pencils, pens, large erasers, notebook paper, highlighters, glue sticks, and a ruler. Provide handy items that will keep children safe and healthy, such as hand sanitizer, tissue packs, and a few throat lozenges. Include fun gadgets that will make school life easier, such as a funky-colored calculator, wacky water bottle, and a radio alarm clock.

While there’s no limit to the type of items you can include with this unique gift children can’t wait to dive into, there are some age appropriate adjustments to tailor the contents to elementary, middle school, high school or college students. Younger kids may like a fun key chain to attach to the zippers of their backpacks. Other appropriate items to include in a unique gift basket for young children might be math flashcards, a coin purse or wallet, and anything adorned with their favorite cartoon character. Older students will really get into gift basket items such as stress balls, student planners, locker shelf, locker mirror, magazine subscription, bookmark, and even a new watch.

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