Dancing Gifts for Children

If there’s a little ballerina or jazz dancer in your life, consider getting a unique gift children who love to dance will use every week, and think of you when they use it. It doesn’t matter the child’s age or type of dance – a dance-related gift tells her you support her passion.

Start with useful items that will add a touch of style to her dancing day. Dance bags for hauling gear come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. Personalized bag ID tags are also a unique gift, and with designs from ballet shoes to funky flowers, they’re easy to personalize. A ballerina wall calendar will help her keep track of when dance lessons are, while a ballerina-themed wall clock will count down the hours for her.

Another unique gift that a young dancer will cherish is a book about the origins of her favorite kind of dance. Several beautiful books have been written on dancing, complete with full color photographs. From behind the scenes at a real dance company to examining the history of ballet, these books will enhance the dance experience for any dancer. She’ll also love a fiction book with dance as the main theme because she’ll really identify with the main character and the importance of dance in her life.

Let each dancer show the world how she feels with a variety of unique “I Love to Dance” accessories, from hairbrushes and keepsake boxes to t-shirts and stickers. A little girl’s room should reflect what she loves, so give her wall hangings, doorknob hangers, and pillowcases that say “Dancer,” “Take a Bow” and “I’d Rather be Dancing.

Anything that relates to dance makes a unique gift children will smile about, such as a ballerina piggy bank, ballet slipper jewelry, dance teddy bears, and dance photo frames. Dancewear is always a good gift for a child, such as leg warmers, dance skirts, matching hair bows, and leotards. Just make sure the clothing is acceptable for her dance class, as many teachers have guidelines on what students can wear.

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