Gifts for children with autism

All children love to receive toys as gifts. Children with special needs are no exception. For children with autism, toys cannot only be fun gifts, they can also encourage development and interaction with others. Here are five unique gifts children with autism will play with that will with help in their development.

Memory Games

Children with autism are very intelligent and love to work with memory cards. These cards have pictures on them and are placed face down. The child then chooses two cards and turns them over. If they match, the pair is kept. If they don’t match, they are then turned over again and the next player takes a turn. The object of the game is to remember where the pictures are located and make matches, improving the child’s memory.


Balls of all sizes and textures make great gifts for children with autism. These children love to hold and throw balls. They can help to stimulate hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. Since balls are available in bright colors, they help to keep the child’s attention. Exercise balls also make great gifts as they not only entertain the child, they help develop strength and provide stress relief.

Modeling Clay

Modeling clay or other molding dough makes a great gift for children with autism. The clay will encourage creativity while developing fine motor skills. When they learn to use cookie cutters and tools with the clay, they are able to further develop fine motor skills and decision making.

Whiteboards or Chalkboards

Children with autism love to draw and write on whiteboards and chalkboards. These items can be used to teach drawing skills as well as spelling and writing skills. They enjoy writing and drawing and then erasing it and starting again. Be sure to have colorful dry-erase markers and chalk to make using them more stimulating.

Sensory Toys

Toys that stimulate any of the child’s senses make great gifts. Music boxes or other toys that play music help stimulate their sense of hearing. Slinkies make great gifts as they stimulate many senses at once. Brightly colored kaleidoscopes and pinwheels help to stimulate sight sensations. Toys that incorporate sand and water play help to stimulate touch.

Many toys make great unique gifts children with autism can play with to help stimulate and encourage development.

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