Museum Memberships as a Gift for Children

Membership to a children’s museum is a unique gift children will love. Children’s museums are wonderful places where children can play and explore—all while learning about the world around them.

When you buy a children’s museum membership for the special child in your life, you enable him to experience a year-long adventure of science, history, or art. All exhibits in children’s museums provide hands-on learning, gently encouraging children to touch, experiment, and play.

Many children’s museums offer classes and workshops free of charge to museum members. Often museum members receive free passes to special exhibits or events. Some museums allow members to have VIP access to behind-the-scenes museum activities. Children’s museums may even provide camp-ins where children can spend the night in the museum. A variety of fun, educational activities keep the kids busy all evening. As you can see, purchasing a membership gives your child access to an abundance of exciting opportunities that are free to museum members.

Fees for children’s museum memberships vary, but most are reasonably priced. For example, the Louisville Science Center charges $75 for a year-long family membership. Two parents and four children are covered by the membership fee. Even better, when you buy a membership for your family, you can often receive discounted or free admission to affiliated museums or zoos throughout the country.

Instead of buying a toy that may break in a week, purchase an educational gift children will enjoy throughout the year. If a children’s museum is located in your city, snag a membership for your child. When you do so, you support an organization that strives to contribute to the education of the youngest members of your community. Becoming a member of the children’s museum helps your child develop a lifelong love of learning, and that’s one of the most precious gifts anyone could ever receive.

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