Science Gifts for Children

Choosing a unique gift children will enjoy and learn from is easy when you’re buying for a science-crazy child. Children who are into science love to do experiments and use all their senses to explore the natural world. Whether they are interested in biology, geology, or paleontology, there are plenty of unique gifts for children that will both stimulate and entertain.

For those into rocks and fossils, give children the unique gift of a crystal growing kit. Easy instructions allow children to watch a variety of minerals form. Rock tumblers, volcano kits, and a rocks and minerals ID poster are perfect gifts for a little rock hound. Dinosaur fans will love excavation kits, model dinosaur skeletons, and a beginner’s dinosaur encyclopedia.

A unique gift for children who are fascinated by living creatures is an ant farm or a spider catcher kit. A bug book or bird watching book assists little observers with identifying critters in their own back yard. The plant world is just as fascinating to children and one unique gift for a budding botanist might be a terrarium kit or a rock garden.

Give a unique gift to children who love space by presenting them with a beginner telescope and star map or a home planetarium. Let them learn all about the solar system with an introductory book to all the planets, including name origins, discovery details and cosmic profiles. Bring space a little closer with air pressure rocket kits or a solar science lab. Let them sleep under the stars every night with glow-in-the-dark space stickers that stick to walls and ceilings, then glow brightly when the lights go out.

Perhaps the mechanical world fascinates your little Edison or Einstein. Let them experiment with beginner laboratory equipment with a starter science fair kit using magnets, electricity, or chemistry sets. Encourage them to learn about engines and motors by giving them model engine kits. Watch them build the robots of tomorrow with robot kits, model solar vehicles, and sets featuring gears and levers.

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